Ballet des Amériques is pleased to announce the

2020 Summer Intensive Program.

July 13 to July 24 th

Please contact the Conservatory

Participation in our summer program is by video audition only. 

For pre-registration and information call

646-753-0457 or e-mail








Ballet des Amériques’ Summer Intensive is the program you have been looking for: Based on a highly personalized assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each dancer, the program is designed to allow students to make impressive leaps of progress in their level of dance technique. In addition, offering a wide range of classes, the program heightens students’ technical versatility and overall understanding and appreciation of dance.

Ballet des Amériques’ summer program also serves a key role in bridging the gap in the education of dance students between the spring and fall semesters, while complementing their regular curriculum and reinforcing the work done during the year. Generally free from academic obligations, students are able to commit fully to their dance training and, with the help of warmer summer temperatures, make great progress in the important area of flexibility. 

Clean lines, impeccable alignment, a deeper understanding of dance technique, and a solid work ethic are developed thoroughly in Ballet des Ameriques’ summer program. Our summer students are astounded by the progress made in just a few weeks of concentrated work. Join us at Ballet des Amériques for your opportunity to rise to a spectacular new level in your dance training.

2020 Summer Intensive Programs 

2-week program: July 6 through July 18

2-week program: August 10 through August 21

4-week combined program July 6 through July 18 and August 10 through August 21

 Mondays through Fridays from 9am until 2:30pm

Classes and workshops in: ballet, pre-pointe, pointe, répertoire, partnering, modern dance, modern jazz, barre au sol, music and voice, ballet terminology (French), dance history, acting,  folkloric dance, stage makeup. The 4 week program will culminate in a performance.

For applicants from foreign countries or from remote states, there is a video audition option. Please contact the school at or 646-753-0457 for detailed instructions.

Ballet des Amériques is a member of the International Dance Council  -  Conseil International de la Danse

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