Professional Trainee program 
for national and international Dance students
ages 18 and up
Under the pedagogical and artistic direction of Carole Alexis, Ballet des Amériques - the "Ballet of the Americas" - operates both a pre-professional ballet conservatory as well as a professional dance company. The conservatory of Ballet des Amériques trains students in a comprehensive curriculum-based pre-professional program with the mission of qualifying its graduates to audition successfully with the world’s renowned dance companies. The professional company of Ballet des Amériques performs the choreographies of Carole Alexis on local, regional and increasingly national and international stages. 
Like many of the great traditional institutions of dance beginning with the Paris Opera under Louis XIV, Ballet des Amériques thus offers professional training and professional performance under one organizational roof.

The Company Trainee Program draws on the synergy of this institutional symbiosis in order to prepare advanced students of the age of 17 or older for the transition into a professional career. Under the personal guidance of director and choreographer Carole Alexis, who is renowned for her method of teaching clean and strong technique and developing artistic sensibility,
trainees are to study in the advanced levels, rehearse and perform alongside the professional dancers of Ballet des Amériques / Carole Alexis Company
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